Wind Turbine Inspection

Drone Wind Turbine Inspection is the newest, fastest and safest way to conduct a reliable inspection on your wind turbines.

uav drone wind turbine windmill inspection survey


Wind Turbine inspection carried out by drone is much faster than conventional rope access team inspection (UNDER 30 MINUTES!)

uav drone wind turbine inspection survey in the UK


Take the risk out of a wind turbine inspection. Keeping engineers on the ground, we carry out the wind turbine inspection safely with drones.

uav drone wind turbine inspection survey in the UK


Wind Turbine inspection by UAV Drone is cheaper than conventional inspection techniques, helping keep green energy more efficient to maintain.

Why use a drone?

Traditionally, wind turbine blade inspection methods consist of teams of climbers inspecting the blades manually, checking for degeneration or other types of damage.  A drone can be used to eliminate this danger element to the inspection,. A drone can safely and quickly navigate to all areas of the turbine and can look at each individual blade. The chances of damage to the wind farm are also reduced significantly, and UAVs can minimise false alarms and report danger much faster.

It saves you time & money

Planning for a wind turbine inspection can prove challenging with the weather – as it’s so unpredictable at times; teams can be booked to complete an inspection and on the day this could be cancelled if the weather is not suitable.  Using the UAV eradicates this setback and saves you being out financially. Drones can cover a vast area quicker and therefore reduce the cost of man hours. It also saves you time – previously a wind turbine inspection could  be time consuming taking a whole day to complete, whereas now the whole process can be done in under 30 minutes

More accurate results

UAVs provide accurate high resolution images with all angles being covered and any defect or concern being highlighted immediately. Many wind farm owners cannot regularly inspect their turbines due to physical constraints and this can lead to a disastrous failure and huge financial implications. Using our wind turbine inspection company can eliminate this dilemma. If you do have a problem you want the most precise data to ensure that the issue can be resolved rapidly to maximise any potential losses that could arise. UAVs can capture imperfections more precisely than human eyes, as a person doesn’t have the capacity to process all of the data that wind-turbine-inspecting drones can, and it also means more consistent standards will be gained. This means that all safety requirements and standards on the wind farm can be maintained with this means of testing.

Peace of mind

By considering a drone wind turbine inspection you will gather both visual and thermal images which will allow you to assess the condition of the blades and ensure they remain in good working order. The key to maintaining the operation of your wind farm is having the knowledge that your wind turbine is running competently and efficiently.

Why choose aerial analysis?

Aerial Analysis removes the hazards associated and transform the wind turbine inspection for the better. Conventionally, a wind turbine inspections is a complicated and expensive task. We make this process quicker, safer, cheaper and more accurate. 

Why pay more and put your employees at risk when our wind turbine inspection company can do it for you. We provide you with the peace of mind that your inspection will be carried out by a trained professional using first class equipment to provide you with the best results.

Reduce the risk, cost & time of a wind turbine inspection with services by Aerial Analysis.

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