Telecommunications Mast Inspection

Drone Telecommunications Mast Inspections remove the risk by getting the images that you require in a faction of the time whilst keeping your feet on the ground.

uav drone telecommunications mast inspection


Telecommunications Mast Inspection carried out by drone is much faster than conventional rope access team inspection.

uav drone telecommunications mast inspection


Take the risk out of a Telecommunications Mast inspection. Keeping engineers on the ground, we carry out the mast inspection safely with drones.

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Telecommunications Mast Inspection by UAV Drone is cheaper than conventional inspection techniques, helping keep green energy more efficient to maintain.

Why use a drone?

Accessing masts can prove awkward due to their height and sometimes location as mobile masts can be constructed anywhere these days. Using UAVs is much more economical, cost-effective process and you gain a safe inspection that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while your business operations can resume as usual. Globally, businesses all around the world are starting to recognise the benefits of drone technology, particularly for mast inspections.

Reduces risk

With any intricate and tall structure there is always a risk factor when it comes to needing an inspection. With UAV surveys and inspections the threats are minimised as the drone can safely approach the areas that need inspection and the issues are highlighted much quicker.

More accurate results

Using a drone for an initial inspection means that an engineer only needs to make one trip to the telecom infrastructure, because once the UAV has found where the concern is, the engineer can bring the correct equipment/tools/replacement part (s) and instantly resolve the problem.

Drones can also examine a mast to ensure that it is safe to climb, whereas typically an engineer would not know this information until they are on it – which would be too late! The need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding is eliminated when carrying out a drone inspection.

There is a strong demand for regular inspections so these masts can run effectively, with people heavily relying on these providers so they can use their phones. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019 therefore it is critical for these providers to ensure they can provide an efficient service for their customers.

Saves you money

UAVS are used to dispatch high resolution images or video feeds to engineers on the ground which can provide answers quickly, accurately, and most importantly, safely.

As well as mast inspections drones can pinpoint interference within their network coverage. Once again this can be detected much faster and much more precisely and any potential hazards will be discovered earlier due to the increased heights that UAVS can reach.

Drones offer the flexibility to be able to operate in most weather conditions, meaning that you won’t have to cancel your inspection if it is windy or raining. 

Providing quick, easy and safe access to problematic locations means that unmanned aerial vehicles can execute surveillance tasks that might ordinarily take longer, and potentially endanger staff;  this his can have multiple benefits to your company such as lowering insurance costs, and the fact that multiple masts can be inspected in one day.

Environmentally friendly

Bird nests can also be an added complication as they can be attracted to these masts, and most construction work cannot be completed if birds are settled there. With UAVS they can check the nests in a matter of minutes, sensitively, which means that no distress is caused to the birds. Also it averts the drone from coming under attack from other predatory birds which can destroy the drone if they feel threatened.

Why choose aerial analysis?

Aerial Analysis removes the hazards associated and transform the mast inspection for the better. Conventionally, mast inspection can be tricky due to restricted access or environmental obstacles. We make this process quicker, safer, cheaper and more accurate. 

Why pay more and put your employees at risk when our telecommunications mast inspection company can do it for you. We provide you with the peace of mind that your inspection will be carried out by a trained professional using first class equipment to provide you with the best results.

Reduce the risk, cost & time of a mast inspection with services by Aerial Analysis.

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