Solar Farm Inspection

UAV Solar Farm Inspection is the newest, fastest and safest way to conduct a reliable inspection on your solar farms.

uav drone solar panel inspection


Solar Farm Inspection carried out by drone is much faster than conventional inspection on the ground.

solar farm drone inspection


Solar Farm Inspections conducted with UAV Drone comes with less risk when they are installed at height.

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UAV Drone Solar Farm Inspections are easier than conventional inspections

Why use a drone?

The process of examining every solar panel can prove time consuming and laborious and it can leave room for error. Time can be reduced significantly with a solar panel drone inspection – saving both money and man power. We know that you need to ensure that your solar farm can run to the best of its ability. Quality inspections are fundamental if your solar panels are to last for 20-30 years. Naturally over time these panels can acquire defects which can be rectified but only if they are found. Unleft, defects can prove detrimental and cause drops in energy production and even become fire hazards. 

Providing on site safety

Due to the sheer size of these solar farms a manual inspection could take a person at least one day to cover the whole site. Working at a height poses risks to a solar farm inspection, often meaning expensive safety measures have to be out in place. Also with manual inspection there is a danger as technicians will have direct contact with open circuitry. By using UAVs they pinpoint any defects, meaning an engineer is not exposed to any potential electric shocks or having to perform an inspection from a high or unsafe location.

Efficiency is key

To gain the most precise and up to date data the best way is through automation as much as possible – that’s where our drones come in! As well as visually highlighting faults, GPS can locate the temperature of PV cells which exceed the normal level. If parts of the solar panel are hotter than others, the warm areas will show up clearly in the thermal image. Depending on their location and size, this can inform an engineer of what the problem may be. Abnormalities can be seen on high resolution images clearly and accurately unlike with the human eye. The use of UAVs in this sector maximises productivity by conducting solar panel inspections 10 x faster improving operational performance. The process of using a drone makes it non-destructive and non-evasive and it allows the solar farm to still continue operating as normal. 

Superior visibility

With a manual inspection every individual panel cannot be examined thoroughly leading to irregularities. The use of UAVS means thermal imaging can inspect all areas; therefore performance impact can be monitored. This allows an engineer to prioritise problems areas in levels of severity and deal with the more important issues first. A solar panel’s ability to provide the energy required to power an entire building depends heavily on the physical upkeep of the panels to ensure it can function competently.  

Improved performance

Performance of your solar panel farm can be affected by various environmental factors such as; snow and ice, damp heat and UV exposure. When this does occur, the cells produce heat energy instead of electric. One failing cell could compromise the whole system meaning huge financial implications. Therefore by having a solar panel drone inspection, hotspots can be identified and repairs fast tracked. The more effectively your solar farm operates the better the investment for you

Why choose aerial analysis?

Aerial Analysis removes the hazards associated and transform the solar farm inspection for the better. Conventionally, solar panel inspections are a complicated and expensive task. We make this process quicker, safer, cheaper and more accurate. 

Why pay more and put your employees at risk when our solar farm inspection company can do it for you. We provide you with the peace of mind that your inspection will be carried out by a trained professional using first class equipment to provide you with the best results.

Reduce the risk, cost & time of a wind turbine inspection with services by Aerial Analysis.

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