Agricultural Index Mapping

Drone NDVI mapping is the newest, Fastest And Safest way to conduct
reliable health mapping surveys on your crops.

flight planning crop farm inspection survey with agricultural drones


NDVI surveys carried out by drone is more accurate than conventional satellite imagery.

crop farm inspection survey with agricultural drones


NDVI Surveys conducted with UAV Drone saves time when identifying problem areas

NDVI pins


UAV Surveys reduces the cost of fertilisation by allowing targeted spraying.

Why use a drone?

UAVS are an innovative tool for gaining knowledge about crops, boosting yields and ultimately maximising productivity. Drones represent a fresh way of collecting agricultural data for farmers, in a way that is instantaneous; within in a single flight a huge area can be covered at a much lower cost, and a higher spatial resolution is given compared to a ground survey.   

Better Results

The sensors on agricultural drones can monitor the difference between NIR and visible reflectance which is known as NDVI.  These results are imperative for a number of reasons; firstly NDVI can clearly highlight areas of crop which are growing well from areas which are not. NDVI mapping can also expose the presence of weeds/pests/nitrogen and other complications giving farmers the opportunity to resolve any issues so it can improve the yield.  Obtaining data through this method means vast areas of land can be covered, saving man power as this could be a very strenuous and time consuming process if carried out manually. It also means famers can produce a higher yield from their crops as they will have the most accurate data.

Multispectral imaging camera sensors on agricultural drones allow the farmer to manage crops, soil, fertilizing and irrigation more successfully.  From using NDVI; soil moisture, frost damage and pest control damage will be able to be highlighted and then resolved before it can cause detrimental damage to the yield. 

There are enormous benefits both to the farmer and to the wider environment by minimizing the use of sprays, fertilizers, wastage of water and at the same time increasing the yield from crops.

Enhanced Visability

Plants distress is shown faster in NIR, than visible light, meaning that problems can be detected days or even weeks before than what you could with the human eye. By using NDVI you can keep up to date with your plants health. By using NDVI mapping, the condition of vegetation can be tracked annually, and these results can be used to help plan future growth.

Additionally whatever stage of the crop cycle whether it’s harvesting or fertilisation the drone can track progress and each step of the way the crops can be constantly monitored meaning there will be less waste, and crops will be effectively managed throughout the year.

Other algorithms can be applied to produce ‘Nitrogen in crop’, ‘Green leaf index’ and ‘Canopy Cover’ maps which will help farmers to keep a track of their crops and what they may or may not need to thrive. The drone images show exactly where they should apply more or less nitrogen on their fields, allowing farmers to use the product more efficiently. Again the colour differences highlight the levels of nitrogen, a plant with too little nitrogen has slight colour variations compared to a plant with satisfactory nitrogen and UAVs can monitor those differences.

Through all these insights that are gained it is much simpler to visualise crop health. By using a drone you can be assured that your crops health will be in good hands.

Why choose aerial analysis?

Aerial Analysis removes the inconveniences associated and transform NDVI mapping. Conventionally, NDVI mapping is a complicated and expensive task. We make this process quicker, safer, cheaper with more accuracy. 

Why pay more and put your yield at risk when our crop mapping company can do it for you. We provide you with the peace of mind that your inspection will be carried out by a trained professional using first class equipment to provide you with the best results.

Reduce the risk, cost & time of NDVI mapping with services by Aerial Analysis.

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