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Aerial Analysis is well-versed in a wide range of applications and has experience in aerial surveying of all types. From a Farmer or Agronomist who needs assistance identifying poor growth areas in his crop, to a site manager who want to a overview of his project, to a operations manger of a wind farm, to a telecommunications engineer who needs line of site surveys.

Our service will be tailored specifically to your needs and ensure you get the rich data that you require.

Crop Index mapping

Here at Aerial Analysis we specialise in crop Index Mapping. We use high resolution NDIR cameras to photograph your crop and process it using only the most trusted platforms in the industry to produce highly accurate data that can save you time, money and resources.

Aerial Surveying

Although specialising in Index Mapping we can provide services to other industries to survey Pine lines, Wind Turbines, Solar Farms, Telecommunication masts and many more.  By keeping feet on the ground, we reduce the need for working and hight and speed up the task is hand.

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