Agricultural Index Mapping

UAV Drone NDVI mapping is the newest, Fastest And Safest way to conduct
reliable health mapping surveys on your crops.

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At Aerial Analysis we specialise in Index Mapping for the Agricultural sector,
We understand your needs for accurate data that you can rely on.

Drones equipped with multi-spectrum sensors are able to capture high-resolution images, that once processed can create NDVI & Leaf Index maps.  This can aid both Farmers and Agronomists in accurately pin pointing (to within 5cm) less active crop growth within the field.

UAV’s save you time and money as you are able to see parts of the 
field more effectively than ground surveying and treat only those areas that need application.

The data collected from the UAV can be further used for variable rate applications
such as Fertilisers, Herbicides or Fungicides.

We can identify stress in crops up to 10 days before it becomes visible to the eye.

We are currently running trails with research and development teams from leading 

manufactures with the goal of UAV Spraying being legalised within the UK.


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